Jasmine Harley
Position: PhD student

Project: Developing a way to test new drugs on patient cells.


Life in the Lab

My role as a research technician is to grow and look after induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which are cells that are changed from skin cells into stem cells in a laboratory using a combination of factors. I grow both ‘healthy’ cells and cells from patients with motor neuron disease. Using different compounds I artificially change the stem cells into different types of nerve cells.  With support from a pharmaceutical company, I am using these nerve cells to develop a high throughput screen. This involves setting up conditions to allow changes within the cell to be imaged. This cell based platform will allow the effect of many potential drugs to be tested, with the ultimate aim to find new therapeutic targets.


Life outside the Lab

Outside of the lab I mainly spend my time surrounded by food. I enjoy trying all the different restaurants and cuisines London has to offer, and even attempt to recreate the most delicious dishes at home.


Rickie Patani

Lab Supervisor

Yiran Wang

Postdoctoral researcher

Jasmine Harley

PhD student

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PhD Student

Oliver Ziff

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Camilla Højland Knudsen

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Visiting PhD student

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