Claire Hall
Position: Alumni

Project: The early changes in motor neuron disease.


Life in the Lab

My research focuses on investigating the earliest underlying events in Motor Neuron Disease(MND). To do this I grow motor neurons and their support cells, astrocytes, and then use them to study the differences found between cells generated from control patients and those suffering from a genetic form of MND at different time points as they grow. I look at how these differences may influence the motor nerves to become sick and eventually die.

Life outside the Lab

Outside the lab I enjoy an active lifestyle with activities such as long distance running, swimming, visiting the beach/countryside and whenever possible skiing. Also I love to bake and I play the flute in the bloomsbury woodwind ensemble.

Rickie Patani

Lab Supervisor

Yiran Wang

Postdoctoral researcher

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PhD student

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Oliver Ziff

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