Doaa Taha
Position: PhD student

Project: Reactive Astrocytes


Life in the Lab

I work on Astrocytes.They are happy and helpful cells that are found in close proximity to neurons. When they are healthy, you will find them spreading their processes around neurons giving them nutrients, recycling their neurotransmitters and supporting them but when astrocytes get sick, they become reactive which means they stop supporting neurons and on top of that they send toxic signals,making it worse for neurons and accelerate their degeneration.

My project is to understand how astrocytes become reactive in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using our human induced pluripotent stem cell model. This will help to identify toxic pathways activated in astrocytes to be targeted in therapy.

I enjoy life in the lab as it gives me the chance to challenge myself everyday with new questions, experiments and never ending troubleshooting.

Life outside the Lab

Outside the lab, I enjoy reading mainly fiction books. I like walking around London, exploring new places, art exhibitions and different cuisines. I have fallen in love with the Theatre. My favourite so far is Alexander Hamilton.

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Doaa Taha

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