Jamie Mitchell
Position: PhD student

Project: Assessing cell-specific vulnerability in ALS


Life in the Lab

Life in the lab is very variable. There are times when you have a lot of lab work and other times where you are on the computer doing a load of analysis or writing. Looking after stem cells is like babysitting millions of children, they require a lot of care and attention in order for them to grow up into mature cells that you are proud of! Once they reach a mature stage, I can run a load of different experiments on them to ascertain what is going wrong with them in ALS.

Life outside the Lab

I am a massive football fan and always enjoy watching my team Tottenham Hotspur thrash our local and insignificant rivals. Asides from this, I love to cook and dabble in a bit of climbing/bouldering every now and then.

Rickie Patani

Lab Supervisor

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Postdoctoral researcher

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